promqueendvd‘Prom Queen’ is a concept that many frowned upon at first, but turned out to be successful. This is a new teen murder mystery that unfolds on MySpace. Each episode is literally 90 seconds long, which is like watching a commercial. It is innovation like this production that also opens the floodgates for more serials to appear on social networking web sites. Anyone that has an issue with sitting down for too long to watch a show, this is perfect for you. It is interesting that these 90 second episodes equal a total of two hours.

There are many characters that we get introduced over the shows run which I was amazed as to how they were able to incorporate this many characters and tell a tale in 90 second intervals. The presentation is more towards trailer driven for each episode. This makes each and every episode hold interest to the viewer.

The story of ‘Prom Queen’ revolves around an 80 day period with Prom being ever so close. Danica is an exchange student in Britain that is filming a video yearbook. The first episode begins with Danica waking up and heading back her room only to find that the camera is filming. At this point, the camera shuts off and were done with episode one. We are introduced to Mikki, Chad, Sadie, Morissey, Lauren, Courtney, Josh, and Ben as our main characters. We learn a little something about each one of these teenagers along the way. What is also neat is that each one of the characters also has a MySpace profile which also gives the viewer more background. The crazy thing is that their MySpace pages are always kept up to date.

There are a lot of love triangles that occur throughout the series and also dislike for some characters. The sexual plots of this series are rather interesting and could make this a day time soap opera. There is so much going on that would make your head blowup as a parent if this were real life. What ‘Prom Queen’ does well is pull out a lot of internet drama as the basis of the show that works so well. With the addition of MySpace, it really adds to the overall world that the show fits in.

Special Features

  • New Cast interviews
  • Never-Before-Seen Gag Reel
  • Commentary from Creators and Cast
  • Video blogs
  • Photo Gallery

This is definitely a show worth checking out to see what all the hoopla is about. It is the rather interesting concept that drives the show forward with the 90 second episodes which feel almost trailer like. With a flood of television shows on network TV trying to beg for your time, ‘Prom Queen’ is rather unique and fresh take.