‘National Treasure’ is one of those fun filled adventure films that will keep you glued to the TV the entire time. ‘National Treasure’ takes bits and pieces from one of our all time favorites, ‘Indiana Jones’ films. This was one of those films that didn’t receive a warm welcome upon trailers shown in theaters. All the pieces came together for an excellent adventure film that grossed a nearly $350 million dollars at the box office worldwide.

‘National Treasure’ is a nice little adventure starting Nicholas Cage as an archeologist, Benjamin Gates. Ben decides that he is going to find the hidden treasure which was hidden by the US Founding Fathers. The problem is that the clue is on the back of the Declaration of Independence. Not only must Ben steal the Declaration, he has to protect it as Ian which is the villain played by Sean Bean is after the same treasure. Ben is not alone; he has his assistant Riley played by Justin Bartha and Abigail played by Diane Kruger whom are also helping him along the way. Throw in a feisty inspector played by the great Harvey Keitel that is after Ben and Ian.

While the story is important, the chase scenes alone make this a worthwhile film to watch. ‘National Treasure’ pretty much does everything that ‘Indiana Jones’ did in terms of building up on the chase and survival themes throughout. What this does is keep you at the edge of your seat the entire time. As we follow Ben on his search, the story evolves as we go from scene to scene which is the added fun to the film. Everyone needs to remember that going into this film, you are not going to be sitting through a history lesson. There is a lot of defy the logic moments in ‘National Treasure’, like there was with what also made ‘Indiana Jones’ so great.

I felt throughout the film that there were also a lot of elements taken from the ‘Tomb Raider’ films/games also. Between secret passage ways, maps, underground tunnels, caves, etc. we have one endless ride. We even have the father of Lara Croft in this film as the father of Ben Gates. Nicholas Cage shines as Ben Gates and really played the role as it was real, considering that some actors are either lifeless or don’t fit the part. The same goes for the supporting cast, everything just gelled together so well that even with the story being out there it was a great adventure. Harvey Keitel also does an excellent job playing the inspector, and he plays it almost too well at times.

‘National Treasure’ looks rather good on Blu-ray, and many clean looking scenes and fantastic lighting. There are some scenes though that did look a bit on the low end of the visual spectrum. This leads me to believe that there is going to be a double dip on this title in the future. The audio here is top notch, we have an uncompressed PCM 5.1 mix and the soundfield is very loud coming from all speakers. Especially during the action/chase heavy sequences they advantage of the sound. The dialogue is well represented here too, which I am a big advocate of as many will notice a pattern in my reviews that I always comment on the dialogue. Dialogue is crystal clear and never drops out during action sequences or even after the action.

Being the first time that I have watched ‘National Treasure’, this was a rather enjoyable film that I know I’ll be watching over and over again. For those that have not seen the film yet, I highly recommend that you pick this film up as it is that good. While those on the fence, ‘National Treasure’ is an excellent rental too.

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