bluestreakbluMartin Lawrence returns in his second Blu-ray outing this week with the release of ‘Blue Streak’ in high definition. Lawrence has a special appeal about himself that you either like him or hate him. There is no in-between about it. His storied past hasn’t helped his image that much either as he has been perceived many things than just a good comedian. I have enjoyed his acting in the show ‘Martin’ and a few of his films have been good. Lawrence shines when he is the supporting actor or sharing ample screen time with another actor such as Will Smith that can carry the weight. With a worldwide total box office gross of $117 million dollars, this is one of Lawrence’s highest grossing lead acting films.

Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence) is a jewel thief that is on a mission to steal a diamond that is the gaudiest piece of jewelry that I have ever seen. This thing is the size of a baseball it looks so gaudy. Logan isn’t making this heist alone; he has a group of thieves with him that will help him make the heist. One of his cohorts is Tulley (David Chappelle) whom plays a rather descent role later in the film. Logan doesn’t realize that one of his cohorts Deacon (Peter Greene) has a whole different goal of his own. That is to take out the entire group so he can take the diamond. Logan was smart enough to hide the diamond in one of the vents of the building before he was sent off to prison. Deacon would escape while Logan receives a two year prison sentence for the attempted heist.

Logan is released from prison only to find out that the building that he hid the diamond in has turned into a police station. The plan now is to find a way into the police station and retrieve his diamond. Logan tries all kinds of different tactics to get to the diamond, but every attempt is a failure. He tries one last thing with a friend of his Uncle Lou (Richard C. Sarafian) that gets him fake police paper work and a badge. This turns out to be his ticket into the door of the police station. Miles is in for a surprise about that diamond that he once hid in the vent 2 years ago. He meets Carlson (Luke Wilson) whom is a rookie cop at the station. Carlson is just awestruck at Logan as he beats down his victims as if he came right out the Strike Team in ‘The Shield’.

I enjoyed ‘Blue Streak’ much more than ‘National Security’ with both films releasing this week on Blu-ray. Lawrence was much more obnoxious in ‘National Security’ in a wrong way. While his off the wall comedic acting in ‘Blue Streak’ fits in with the role of the character. There is nothing original with this film, yet Lawrence and Wilson manage to hold things together to make it an entertaining one. The acting is what I expected from both Lawrence and Wilson, so no surprises there.

Print/Audio Quality

The print is presented in 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 with a 1.85:1 aspect ratio. The print looks good on Blu-ray having seen this film plenty of times on DVD and television over the years. Colors look saturated holding a consistent pop throughout the film. Blacks are deep providing some very good details. The print is pristine from any blemishes providing a rather clean image.

Audio is presented in Dolby TrueHD 5.1 mix. Audio quality is good, but not great considering the last few catalog Sony releases have been bombastic in the audio department. I am a bit surprised that the surrounds do not get the activity I would have expected considering there are action sequences and gun fights. Even the bass levels were rather low, considering the rap soundtrack. There is a more front heavy presentation for this release. Dialogue sounds crisp and clean through the center channel.

Special Features

Special Features are on the light side for this release, but are all in standard definition.

  • HBO First Look: Inside and Undercover Featurette
  • Setting Up for the Score Featurette
  • Music Videos – Jay-Z “Girls Best Friend”, Tyrese “Criminal Mind”, and So Plush “Damn, should have treated you right”.
  • Previews
  • BD-Live

‘Blue Streak’ is a fun filled little comedy that I found to be more entertaining than Lawrence’s other comedy ‘National Security’ which also released this week on Blu-ray. I recommend ‘Blue Streak’ as a mere rental that you could enjoy for the evening with some laughs if you are into comedies. The picture quality is good on Blu-ray, though the audio is a bit on the disappointing side.